Asymmetric Tactical Training by Richard Campbell

Blog post #1:

In the US Army I trained regular soldiers, high risk personnel, and independent operators. I was a senior TAC for the 25th INF DIV Air Assault School and a shift leader at the 1st Special Warfare, SERE, RTL. I started college while still in the Army and later finished a BA and MA in psychology (cognitive-behavioral perspective).  

After I retired I was a member of a multidisciplinary psychiatric treatment team and counseled court committed psychiatric patients and their families. Because I’m male and because of my size I was often given the dangerous and psychotic patients, or worst of the worst, to work with.   

After that I taught newly developed counterinsurgency tactics to coalition forces in the Middle East. I have counseled and instructed elite high functioning individuals and dangerous and disorganized people. I have successfully utilized a full range of teaching-learning techniques or models in a full range of vastly different environments and settings.   

This book is the result of many years worth of actual work experience and many years worth or research. I got the idea for the book while working in the Middle East and seeing the instructor training and curriculum development processes that were being used by civilian companies. It was extremely substandard and needed to be improved in many ways.

I am very proud to announce that the book Asymmetric Tactical Training is finally done. I hope it helps our soldiers.

“The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena” and us mere  bystanders owe that man our devotion, respect, gratitude, and eternal support. How else can he continue his difficult sacrifices.

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